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About FSWG.org - Background

The Facility Security Work Group (FSWG) web site was developed in 2010 to serve as a tool for the members of the Houston/Galveston AMSC Facility Security Working Group. 

The Sector Houston-Galveston Area Maritime Security Committee (AMSC) Facility Security Working Group (FSWG) was established by the Captain of the Port in aTask Statement Action Sheet dated February 25, 2010 and was given the task to:

1)     Focus on all aspects of facility security

2)     Monitor pending regulatory requirements

3)     Identify security-related issues

4)     Identify best practices and mutually agreeable solutions

5)     Communicate lessons learned and/or recommendations

6)     Implement a plan to begin outreach

To assist in meeting these objectives, the www.fswg.org web site has been divided into six main sections.

(1)   A Home (Public Section) that contains publicly available Facility Security information of interest to the general community and the public

(2)   A Hot News section that will allow the user to keep up-to-date on events in the Facility Security space over the past 30 days

(3)   A Current Affairs section that will covers the events over the last year in TWIC, NMSAC & TSCC, CFATS & MTSA, Port-wide Security, MTSA II, Seafarer Access, Exercise Information, SSI & CVI, IMO and MARPOL

(4)   A FSWG Links section that will allow the user to access other Facility Security web sites

(5)   A Product and Services section that contains publicly available vendor products and services information relating to Maritime Security

(6)   A Members Only password secure FSWG section that contains information determined by the workgroup members to remain within this section. The Members Only section also contains a password secure section for Task Group working documents that are in the process of development.

NOTE: We are continually seeking to improve the content and quality of this web site. Our goal is to provide a site that is a valuable resource to the maritime community.  We welcome any feedback that our users may be willing to provide that will aid us in improving the content or the function of the site.  You may send your comments to: FSWG E-mail - info@fswg.org

Website Purpose and Disclaimer

Purpose - The purpose of this site is to provide information and materials to the site's members and to the marine community relative to the security of the MTSA regulated facilities in the area and the port.  The site's members have participated in the development of some of the content that is presented on this site.  The member's participation and content development has been done on a voluntary basis and was done in an attempt to enhance the knowledge of those persons visiting this site and reviewing that content.  The Task Group members who have provided the content on this site are all members of various voluntary participation workgroups, whose objective is the improvement of maritime facility security.

Disclaimer - Neither the webmaster nor any person that has participated in the development of any portion of the content on this site provides any guarantee, nor intends that the information contained on this site be viewed or taken as the final authority with regard to compliance with legal or regulatory requirements at the federal, state, or local levels.  We encourage any person reviewing or assessing the content provided on this site to evaluate the information for its applicability to their individual situation.  Any unauthorized access to the website is a violation of the law and unauthorized person or persons will be prosecuted to the extent that the law allows.

Web Site Ownership -DTB

Sponsors - This web site seeks and receives sponsorship from persons and companies that are interested in supporting or providing products and services to the maritime community.   The initial sponsors of this Web Site were the West Gulf Maritime Association, GAC Shipping, MOL Tankship Management, Moran Shipping Agencies and JTAC Consulting.   We gratefully acknowledge their participation. 

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